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American Tax Group is owned and operated by Cody Moore. Cody Moore has over 30 year's experience in taxation. He's a former IRS agent with experience in public accounting, tax resolution, corporate taxation, audit representation, and expat taxation.  Cody Moore lives part-time in Nicaragua and is married to a Nicaraguan. He understands the complexities of living overseas.


American Tax Group has the knowledge and resources to prepare your tax return accurately while minimizing your tax liability.


We believe it's important that you receive the utmost satisfaction from our services. We will analyze your tax situation in order to provide you all the deductions and credits that you're entitled by law. Part of the process in preparing your tax return is asking questions to verify that you may or may not qualify for a deduction or tax credit. 


We believe that every taxpayer has the right to get their return prepared by a qualified, reputable tax professional. The national tax preparer chains consist of preparers with very little training and experience. Most of these preparers only receive a few weeks of training and are put on the floor to meet with clients to prepare returns. The returns are not reviewed for accuracy and the customer is put at-risk for errors and omissions.


At American Tax Group we will take the necessary time to accurately prepare your return. We want you for many years as our client. Your satisfaction is our goal.


We are a registered tax preparer and electronic tax filer with the Internal Revenue Service. Cody Moore is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

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Cody N. Moore, E.A.

Elena Moore, Office Mgr.

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