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American Tax Group is committed to ensuring you are in compliance with the tax laws of the United States. As a U.S. citizen you are taxed on worldwide income. The U.S. government is cracking down on undisclosed foreign accounts and assets held overseas. The IRS will assess severe penalties for not disclosing this information if you meet the filing thresholds. Our goal is to ensure compliance by informing you of the various reporting requirements as a U.S. expat. American Tax Group makes the process simple for filing your tax return.

Cody N. Moore, E.A.

Former IRS Agent

Phone 720-343-0025

-  Affordable prices.

-  Over 30 years experience in taxation.

-  Contact us and let us know your tax situation. We are here to help.

-  Receive a no obligation fee estimate to prepare your tax return.

-  We will prepare your tax return and email the completed return to you   

    in a password-protected PDF.

-  Quick turn around on tax preparation.

-  All state income tax returns can be prepared.

-  Electronic filing with the IRS and State.

-  Pay via credit card.

-  Satisfaction guaranteed.


Simple, Convenient, Affordable, Experienced

"Cody Moore is outstanding! Extremely professional, thorough, dependable and trustworthy. As an American living abroad, he was an absolute Godsend and really made me feel like everything would be taken care of easily and smoothly. I recommend him highly!"

Jennifer L. (Spain)

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American Tax Group is owned and operated by Cody Moore. Cody Moore has over 30 year's experience in taxation. He's a former IRS agent with experience in public accounting, tax resolution, corporate taxation, audit representation, and expat taxation. 


American Tax Group has the knowledge and resources to prepare your tax return accurately while minimizing your tax liability.




We want to make the process as simple as possible.



Let us know you are interested by clicking here to contact us. Let us know your tax situation. If you need tax preparation then please provide us details if you're an employee, retired, self employed, etc. We will respond to you promptly and answer any questions you may have.


I no longer live in the United States. Who cares?


As a U.S. citizen you must report your worldwide income.  You must pay tax on your taxable income which includes foreign income. There are exclusions on foreign earned income and you may qualify for the Foreign Tax Credit, but in order to claim these tax benefits you must file a tax return.

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